Quantum AG Web Design

Our task was to develope a site based on an existing concept and a static html page. the site had to meet these following requirements:

– had to follow the corporate design specifications 100%
– restrained, serious but graphically ambitious
– clearly designed, both timeless and minimalistic
– sustainable, high-quality and expandable
– implemented in typo3

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Type: Corporate Design, Web Design
Services: Concept, Web design
Realized: May 2015

Industry: Real Estate, Financial services
Client: Quantum AG

The actual design was preceded by a detailed analysis of structure and contents.

The Client

Tthe Quantum AG, headquartered in hamburg, is divided into three main business segments:

Quantum Immobilien AG
The owner-managed QuantumImmobilien AG operates since 1999 in the german real estate market.

Quantum Projektentwicklung GmbH
Forward-thinking and sustainable „Quantum Development“ is planning and building quarters, corporate offices, residential complexes and high street retail spaces.

Quantum Investment GmbH
Since 2005 Quantum Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbh successfully launches pool and individual funds.

The concept

Our idea follows the premise of: mobility first

The entire page based on a responsive grid for all kinds of devices. Within that grid, various content items can be freely placed on the individual pages. Depending on the used device, the items change their appearance, size and position. At the end all typo3 pages are combined into a single one-pager by the system, triggered by the left side menu. Of course the selected items snap  to the respective viewport.

In Addition

We defined the use of imagery and typography and developed specific information graphics for the internet.