Logo and business stationary design.

Type: Concept, Corporate Design
Services: Logo Design, Stationary Design
Realized: May 2015

Industry: Tourism
Client: Rhein Property GmbH

The task

Rhein property has since 2004 procured luxurious holiday properties with an outstanding expertise. from winter destinations such as Kitzbühel, St. Moritz, Gstaad, Verbier and Zermatt, to the summer destinations in Eivissa, Mallorca, St. Tropez and Italy among others.

Our task was to develop a logo for the holding company that would harmonise with the exclusive logos we had already designed for the St. Moritz and Kitzbühel branches of the company.

Luxury is often symbolised through animals. The animalistic theme was also our natural starting point, being a direct link to the logos for Kitzbühel and St. Moritz lodges. For us the lion was highly interesting. An animal that has been depicted ever since the stone age. Symbolising wealth, power and royalty, the lion is – with no wonder – the most favoured heraldic animal of all time.

The Process

Unfortunately, we did not manage to win through with our animalistic approach. Instead we pursued a typographic approach sporting the initials r and s from the two founders of the company. This resulted in a signet-like design where the r and s were abstracted through subtraction.