punkt UNN Narvik

Brief: Designing an information point for the construction site of the new Narvik Hospital in Northern Norway. The information point will display an up to date timeline of the construction process as well as visualizations and graphics portraying the project.
As the timeline should always be up to date, the design has to accommodate for cost effectiveness and easy replacement of information.

Concept: The design emerges from three main inspirations: the modular design of the hospital, information graphics (bar diagrams) and the lego workshop that was held with the people who will work in the hospital.

The sections of different transparency represent the modular departments. Just like the sections in the hospital are interchangeable, the graphic building blocks of the information point can be changed/replaced when needed without changing the whole foil.

Furthermore, the information point is furthermore built up on three levels of information: a timeline for the construction process, visualizations and maps of the project as well as demographic and geographic key facts.

Type: Branding, Corporate Design, Information Design
Services: Concept, Art Direction
Realized: Early 2018

Industry: Real Estate Management
Client: Norske arkitekters landsforbund (NAL)

Workshop in Narvik

From the workshop held with the future employees of the new hospital. Divided into task groups, the participants got to shape their ideal hospital with lego bricks. This will be a valuable asset for the further planning of the hospital.