Our task: Developing a corporate design and a future corporate identity for the name „Blue Star“. The Blue Star Group is an umbrella brand and will serve as the basis for future line extensions that will be created for various key activities such as subcontractors and further brands. We have based the development of the identity on the brands long legacy and its innovative power.

Type: Branding, Corporate Design, Webdesign
Services: Concept, Art Direction
Realized: Early 2018

Industry: Maritime Industry, Investment Management
Client: Blue Star Group GmbH & Cie. KG

Blue Star Line

The Blue Star Line (BSL) was a British shipping company with headquarters in London, which operated a very successful liner service to South America.
The company was one of the pioneers in the business of shipping frozen products with reefers and reefer containers. The brand of the shipping company was a blue star.


Fonts, such as the ITC Johnston, with generous spacing of the letters were found on the fleet of the Blue Star Line. The use of the Johnston typography in black on a white background and vice versa was the standard of its time. The main brand typeface is Johnston ITC.

Adobe Caslon serves as support typeface, mainly to be used as body text typeface and anywhere where a large amount of text is presented.


The visible stars in the firmament are actually suns, except the planets of our solar system. Blue suns (stars) are by far the hottest celestial bodies. Just as asset management companies are navigate clients through financial services, stars have always been used for navigation in the shipping industry.

Our solution: Stars (suns) are our central signet and a symbol of digital transfer to the future. Based on the navigating by the stars, a determinable star constellation can serve as a signet in addition to a single star.

The colors of the new corporate identity derive from a part of the color spectrum of Blue Suns and the design of the house flag used since 1928, including the ship’s inscription of the historic brand.


The symbol is created using a matrix. The name Blue Star will always be represented in the symbol as the fix star. The rest of the symbol is built up of the letters in the department name. Whenever a letter appears twice or three times in the name, it will increase exponentially in size, as shown in the upper right corner on this illustration.
The symbol can be rotated to fit with the logotype using the FIX STAR as pivot point.