Guerilla Bakery Flour Packaging

When designing Guerrilla Bakery’s flour packaging, we decided to do it with a completely new approach.
To get the discussion going, we chose four different designs that we published on facebook as well as in a small viennese café. Although our favourite did not win, all of the designs were following the same principles: we consciously wanted to distance ourselves from the typical conservative ‘mill- and grandmother-like designs, and at the same time develop a design concept that could easily be transferred to possible extensions of the product range.

This is how the idea of a prominent label complemented with an interchangeable background pattern was developed. A simple concept that – with ever changing patterns and colours – can show great variety, and a high brand recognition value. Whether it is a box, a bottle, a paper bag or a mason jar, the round label will do the trick on any shape and surface.

Type: Concept, Design, Production
Services: Corporate Design, Packaging Design
Realized: April 2015

Industry: Gastronomy, Food
Client: Guerilla Bakery Vienna

Figuring out the basics

The first step was to explore the endless possibilities of branding the standard brown paper bag. During this process we tried several different types of labels and closing mechanisms. As the packaging would be hand confectioned, we saw the need of stripping it down to a bare minimum, where the label would have to fulfill three main requirements; sealing the package for sale, quick and easy confection, and make the flour stand out in the crowd.

Public Voting

After a long process with and with several different directions, we chose to do a public voting of the labels. We made mock-ups of four of our favourites, and displayed them in the schwester/poc café for a week, letting the customers leave their votes.

Final stage of the process

The circular label came out winning the vote, but we still felt it needed a bit character. Considering Guerrilla Bakery’s future plans of expanding their product range, we developed a system based on the circular label and a pattern to for each product.

Possible product extensions

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