Bye Friedrich, hi Fritz! 
Fritz is an office building in Munich’s Schillerstraße, a creative hub in an urban location where Schiller’s outstanding qualities come to life: Fritz will be a place of communication – just as Schiller was an outstanding communicator who nurtured relationships and discussed numerous topics in over 2000 letters that he wrote. Friedrich Schiller was a free spirit who thought logically and articulated his insights in succinct sentences – a quality that makes his modern until today. “What is the short meaning of this long harangue?” Fritz will be the place where creation and logic blend into a vibrant alliance for modern ways of working in an inspiring environment. This is the spirit of “Sturm und Drang” reloaded: in the architecture of the building as well as in its interior.
Our design illustrates Schiller’s most beloved works, such as William Tell, Maria Stuart, Intrigue and Love, The Maid of Orleans and The Robbers bye depicting their main events and characters and tattooesque line drawings. 
The logo is based on a custom font – a modern and bold version of a feather script.

Type: Strategy / Creative-Direction / Design
Services: Corporate identity / Folder / Website / Photography / Renderings
Realized: 2019

Industry: Real Estate
Client: Quest