High society has always had a nose for the most beautiful places in the world. Like compass needles that you just have to follow to be sure: It’s nicer here than anywhere else. Essen’s Bredeney district is also such a place. Bredeney was already a preferred residential area for the upper class of Essen around 1900 due to its attractive location.

The history continues with Bredeney Park. The high-quality development with classically modern brick houses is reminiscent of the virtues of the Bauhaus or the beginnings of modernity.

For the visual identity we used principles of craftsmanship in the broadest sense. This is how key visuals were created in a watercolor look. The graphics are based on various ideas – on the one hand, the landscape and the new buildings as abstract surface graphics and, on the other hand, an organically created inkblot interpretation.​​​​​​​

Type: Strategy / Real Estate / Visual Design / Creative-Direction / Design
Services:  Corporate identity / Illustrations / Look Book / Website / Photography / Renderings
Realized: 2020

Industry: Real Estate
Client: Bredeney Park