Creating a modern and sophisticated identity for a company that functions at the interface between art and commerce – working in the fields of architecture, project development and real estate management.

Type: Branding, Corporate Identity, Web Design
Services: Concept, Corporate Design, Web Design
Realized: June 2017

Industry: 3D-Visualisation, Architecture, Project Development
Client: on3studio


Beyond can describe a correlation between space and time but is also used to emphasize the depth of an idea or its elusiveness. In German, the true meaning becomes even more uncertain; beyond may mean underneath, across or even above. What they all have in common though is their reference to something spatial – which is the mission of a rendering company, giving an architectural idea its third dimension, visualizing ideas that may be beyond others‘ imagination.

In combination with the GT Walsheim

Transitional website

As the brand transitioned, we created a temporary, clean and simple website concept. Introducing the new vibe of the brand.


The official website creates space. Space for large-screen imagery and the ideas beyond.